PART 4: Thrust, Under the Arm, Forward Diagonal Strike

This is all for WEEK 2! Continue to review "Drill 1," but also add these movements to your workout. Practice them over and over again. As you finish "Drill 1," simply add these movements on to the end. It may not seem like much for now, but THERE WILL BE MORE TO FOLLOW EVERY 7 DAYS. Your practice repertoire is going to build up quickly. Remember, it takes thousands of repetitions for even the most basic movement to become an automatic response. These first drills are designed to give you as many repetitions as possible in the shortest amount of time possible so you can MASTER THE BASICS. Practice, practice, practice. If you do, your rate of learning will really begin to increase later. Remember, focus on your form first--then striking accuracy (45 degree angles on the diagonal strikes!). Once you're mastering the form, begin to speed up your movements!

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