"The suspects then left the vehicle and a number of people were stabbed."

As I've said before and I continue to reiterate like a broken record to our students, vehicle and knife attacks are the next generation of terror attacks. This was just proven again in London this week. This problem is not going away, folks. It will only get worse. Governments can control guns, but vehicles and edged weapons are almost impossible to control. I'm sorry to tell you all that the police can't stop these kinds of attacks from happening. They can only show up after a great deal of death and destruction has already been done. Policymakers also can't stop them from happening. They can only go on the news after the fact and condemn the action. Thus, it is every citizens duty and responsibility to learn to protect themselves and their family from these kinds of attacks.

You need to stay fit anyway--SO WHY NOT COMBINE FITNESS WITH SELF-DEFENSE TRAINING? This is why we created Warrior Spirit Fitness. When it comes to defending against edged weapons and other survival tactics, there is no greater wealth of knowledge and real experience on earth than what we have here. If you have the opportunity to come attend one of our in-person training classes, please do so. The doors are open to you all.


Be safe, take care