WSF Members, we could write books about the "brain-body connection" and how our fitness/self-defense drills develop your brain as much as they develop your body and your self-defense skills. One of the greatest secrets of WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is that our drills are designed to act as a fountain of youth that can literally add DECADES to the life of your body and your mental acuity! It's all very scientific!

Just so you know that we're not blowing smoke like many other "fitness" and "spiritual development" programs out there, you can check out some of the many books that have already been written on this topic. If you're interested in exactly what our drills are doing to your brain (for example: the same parts of your brain that deal with memory deal with balance and coordination--and carefully crafted total body movements can actually ENHANCE your memory, cognition, and reaction speed), then you can start by checking out some of Dr. Restak's books such as "The Longevity Strategy: How to Live to 100 Using the Brain-Body Connection" found here: Dr. Restak is a world-renowned neurologist and brain function expert.

If you found a fitness program that could simultaneously make you smarter, faster, stronger, and live longer, wouldn't you sign up NOW? Well, WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS does all of those things--AND it teaches you how to protect yourself!

Kindest Regards,