Have you ever dreamed of training like a NINJA, SAMURAI, SPARTAN, or a modern SPECIAL FORCES operator? WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is about challenging, cultivating, and preparing oneself in the warrior tradition. Our elite cadre have created a challenging stick-fighting based fitness program that will develop your MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SPIRITUAL FITNESS. A stick happens to be the only piece of equipment needed for our workouts, and it makes for a great improvised self-defense weapon!

We hope to remind people that TIME, HEALTH, SECURITY, and FREEDOM are our most precious resources. The first two are finite. But WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS can save you time and give you many extra years of life while making you safer and allowing you to have more freedom. It's a stick-fighting-based fitness and self-defense program that was started by U.S. SPECIAL FORCES VETERANS, and it provides more fitness benefits in less time than any other workout.

Each of our drills works the upper body, lower body, and core simultaneously--BURNING MORE CALORIES than any other workout. Each drill also addresses frontal, sagittal, and transverse ranges of motion. Our drills are also low impact so they won't destroy knees, shoulders, and lower backs like many popular workouts do. In addition, every movement and strike in our drills is designed to make you more proficient at the most efficient and effective self-defense system in the world today. Finally, since the only equipment our drills require are a simple stick, they can be done anywhere--perfect for busy professionals, adventurers, and those who love freedom!

Do you already practice another form of fitness or self-defense? That's ok because our program is entirely unique. It will not only enhance, but it will also add a whole new dimension to whatever you're already doing! So you've already been doing self-defense training and you have some solid takedowns, ground fighting, and stand up striking self-defense skills? Great! Now get the improvised weapons skills you need to be even safer on the street! After all, if you're ever truly in a street self-defense situation where you can't run away and must fight, it's better to do so armed with some kind of improvised weapon.

Our stick drills will give you the basic skills, fitness, coordination, and confidence required to effectively wield improvised weapons such as a broom/mop handle, knife, umbrella, waist belt, bottle, car keys, leg of a chair, or any other object you can pick up--objects in your reach will become weapons in your hands. Simultaneously build endurance, speed, strength, coordination, balance, footwork, timing, self-defense skills, and shorten your reaction time.

Start learning NOW with our online drills! http://warrior-spirit-fitness.teachable.com Or contact us for truly world class self-defense training. Our WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS program is winner of the "FAIRFAX BEST FITNESS PROGRAM" Award for 2016, and our training is provided by world class instructors sought after by militaries and government agencies in the U.S. and abroad for their ability to bring students to the highest levels of human performance in the shortest amount of time. Look for our meetups here. They will be heavily discounted for MEMBERS OF OUR ONLINE ACADEMY--"WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS" COURSES!



“A sword is more than just a simple weapon, it is an answer to life's questions.” --Miyamoto Musashi


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The Warrior Spirit Team

Please watch a few brief previews of our training on our YouTube Channel:

--Below is U.S. Army Veteran and Instructor Nick demonstrating some of our stickfighting art. It's a unique fighting art that's designed to take down multiple attackers very quickly using only improvised weapons that can be found or carried in any environment--but in addition to enabling students to protect themselves with an improvised weapon, it also builds superior levels of fitness and physical ability--this is the beginning of our training. We call it "WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS":

--Below is U.S. Marine Veteran and Instructor Damean demonstrating our "empty hand" fighting art. This course is designed for anyone who wants to be able to effectively defend themselves if they find themselves unarmed and unable to escape. The key is that our ways are not only the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE ways, but they are also simple and easy to master in a relatively short amount of time--this is "WARRIOR SPIRIT SELF-DEFENSE":

--Below is U.S. Army Veteran and Instructor Justin demonstrating some of our marksmanship training. This training teaches the essential safety, weapons handling, and marksmanship that every responsible citizen gun handler needs for self-defense or home defense--this is "WARRIOR SPIRIT GUNFIGHTING":

--Finally, here's a video that has some footage of our students who started their training this past year: