Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you are interested in helping others, protecting others, making a better world, and building/maintaining the healthiest mind, body, and spirit, then I believe WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is more than worth your time and effort. Currently, most of our students are men--probably because men typically like to identify themselves as the protectors and saviors of the universe! But there are some very important reasons why WOMEN should also be learning this--EVERYONE SHOULD.

First of all, the fitness drills we teach BURN MORE CALORIES THAN ANY OTHER FORM OF WORKING OUT--even swimming. Listen folks, I know there's a LOT of fitness information out there. Gosh, the number of crazy fitness programs, diets, and supplements out there is stifling. Most of them have very adverse long-term effects on the body. Unfortunately, we have so many friends who are former Special Forces soldiers--a lot of them are OBESE because they destroyed their joints and their backs with insane crossfit workouts and the like--workouts that had them at an extreme level of fitness for a SHORT PERIOD IN THEIR LIFE. It's really a sad thing to see guys and gals in that sorry state when they were PHYSICAL SPECIMENS just a few years back. SO START THINKING ABOUT LONGEVITY NOW!

When it comes to weight loss, there's really one simple equation you must pay attention to. CALORIES BURNED > CALORIES CONSUMED = WEIGHT LOSS. And it helps to build lean muscle at the same time (the kind of lean muscle that continuously moving and swinging a lightly weighted stick provides). Yep, there's the secret! True, there's many factors involved in burning more calories than you consume. One extreme example is thyroid problems affecting the metabolism. However, if you intend to be fit, it makes sense to start with a program that burns the maximum amount of calories. That way, if you only have 10-15 minutes to work out, you'll get the most out of it. That's what our drills are for. It's also important to ENGAGE THE ENTIRE BODY AT THE SAME TIME. That's another thing that our drills do. Oh, and "transverse range of motion?" Yep, with all that turning, spinning, and striking side to side, the Warrior Spirit stick fighting drills hit that, too!

DO OUR DRILLS, THEY BURN MORE CALORIES! If you don't believe it, go get yourself a quality fitness tracker with chest strap that records heart rate, then do our drills. You'll find that you're really working hard while doing them--even if you're not noticing it because you're mentally distracted and having fun. Also, think about the fact that the BRAIN burns a LOT of calories. Therefore, when you are putting maximum focus into learning the drills, you're burning even MORE calories. Do them while listening to music and you're in for an incredible experience!

Our drills also build maximum flexibility, speed, strength, timing, coordination, balance, memory, foucus, and self-defense skills--WITHOUT CAUSING INJURIES. If you get injured doing our drills--you were probably already BADLY injured when you started--because the impact on the body is EXTREMELY LOW. In addition to all that, Warrior Spirit Fitness drills are FUN! As you master them, you'll enable yourself to move, spin, and strike with a stick (or any object shaped like a stick--or empty hands) in a "free flowing" manner--all the while feeling air rush over your body--it's EXHILARATING! The free flowing movement works on your balance, coordination, timing, etc.--creating an incredible synergy of mind, body, and spirit. Finally, the drills build up core muscles that are essential for forcing air during advanced breathing and meditation.

LADIES, WANT TO HAVE THE ULTIMATE FEMININE FIGURE? Well guess what? Our drills build a lean, strong, and beautiful physique while developing the ability to pick up objects commonly found at home or on the street and use them for self-defense. That ability to use weapons for self-defense becomes a great equalizer for females who tend to be at a strength disadvantage when compared to most males. But self-defense weapons skills can be the edge you need in a self-defense situation or a home invasion.

If you already happen to practice or teach something like Yoga, then combining these drills with what you are already doing will give you a "kinetic" edge over all the yogis out there. Unfortunately, Yoga is lacking in the kinetics department--we will teach you how to MOVE AND FLOW LIKE THE WIND! It feels like flying :-) And again, you will be a benefit to the world because you'll have the confidence and the ability to protect not only yourself, but also others. And you WILL have CONFIDENCE--because our drills are designed to make you practice your strikes and movements as many times as possible. In other words, MORE REPETITIONS = MORE PROFICIENCY AND CONFIDENCE. Give Warrior Spirit Fitness a try!

Kindest Regards,

Nick "The Ronin"