WSF Members,

The 2nd online installment package of our stick-fighting drills is open for early enrollment (linked below). The content will be dripped out weekly again--the same way we did with "Level 1"--we are still constructing some of the new videos. We intend to include the next 5 or 6 drills. While it is in this "early-release" sign up process, the price will be only $12 per month. If you have practiced all of the first 5 drills (drills 1, 2, 3, 4a, and 4b) to a satisfactory level of mastery, then I would suggest cancelling your "Stick-Fighting Fitness Drills 1" subscription and getting started on level 2 now. Just be sure to write down or film yourself doing the first five drills so you never forget them!

If you're new to our training, I would suggest buying the downloadable version of Level 1 (The Premium Pack) and mastering the drills before signing up for the monthly Level 2 subscription--or you can sign up for the monthly subscription of the Level 1 drills and cancel any time if you want to just try them out. But keep in mind that this kind of training is all about commitment and dedication to bettering yourself, your family, and society.

I believe that regardless of which way you decide to sign up and learn our drills, you're getting a huge bargain as I haven't seen anything like what we have available here anywhere else. You could try traveling to the far corners of the world. The training fees and the travel would end up costing you thousands, and you still wouldn't come away with much because this kind of training is kept very secret in the corners of Asia where families with long traditions maintain their fighting arts.  My own teacher has allowed me to put these arts out because there are terrible forces at work in the world and there is a growing need for it.

I've seen a few stick-fighting programs out there that pretty much amount to dancing or baton twirling--but I haven't seen the real thing in the United States when it comes to the actual fighting arts. Ours is practical self-defense focused training--and it's all about efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition to the practical self-defense aspect, there's a wealth of external fitness as well as internal spiritual cultivation that our training is specifically designed for. We're not going to go deeply into explaining this just yet, but there's a lot more than what meets the eye--so "see through what you're looking at." For example, the kinds of movements used in our drills not only build your core (your "hara"--if you don't know this term, you can look it up) for striking power--but the same core is used for forcing air during breathing techniques. In Asia, martial arts are taught differently than they are here--there is a deep connection between internal spirit, medicine/healing, and martial arts training.

Keep in mind that the training is not designed to be easy--it's designed to help you grow. Practice daily and see how your coordination, energy, willpower, memory, and ability to focus improves over time. Don't give up. Stick with it! ;-)

Here's a link to the early release of our "Level 2" Stick-fighting drills:

Check out Zhamal in the preview video! She just began training a few months ago, but look at how quickly her coordination and skills have developed from doing the stick-fighting drills. She's already looking good enough to model the techniques for us in the videos! Recently, Zhamal received a nice compliment when a nice fellow from Asia who has been training in Karate, Muay Thai, and Kung Fu disciplines for several decades joined our training. He claimed that Zhamal's movements and movement of energy is better than many so-called "masters" he has seen. A fine compliment indeed!

Kindest Regards,